Nailing the exposure when using your old film camera can be tricky.
Maybe the camera's built-in light meter is broken, the camera needs special batteries or it doesn't even have a light meter in the first place.
Leverage your phone's camera and Luxilux to determine the correct settings.


Rely on the advanced camera in your phone instead of 30-40 year old technology

Easy to use

Dial in your settings and immediately see the values for the correct exposure

Always with you

No need to carry an external light meter with you when you can just use your phone


Use aperture priority, shutter priority or manual mode to accommodate your shooting style


Choose the shooting mode, full-, half- or third stop increments and exposure compensation

Made by one of you

The developer is a film shooter for 15 years and knows what to expect from a light meter


Aperture Priority (Av) lets you choose the aperture and will select the matching shutter speed for the correct exposure.

Shutter Priority (Tv) lets you choose the shutter speed and will select the right aperture.

In Manual (M) you select both the aperture and shutter speed and the app will show you how far off these settings are from the optimal exposure.



If you have an iPhone or iPad that has multiple cameras you can change between them. Choose a wide angle to get an average meter reading of your scene, or choose a telephoto lens to narrow down specific parts of the image.

You can also use the pinch to zoom gesture to zoom in or out, even if your phone has only one lens.


Of course you can set the ISO of the film you are shooting. You can also set a compensation value, e.g. to accommodate for filters, expired film or shooting conditions.


Level up your analog photography now with Luxilux.
Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

App Clip Code

Scan the App Clip code to try out Luxilux in Manual mode.
If you like it, you can purchase the full version from the App Store.